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Whether The Valve Position Indication Is Normal
Jun 06, 2017

Valve room and line inspection requirements

First, the valve room:

(1) check the valve indoor pipes, valves and other devices with or without leakage, found the problem immediately reported in the safe area.

(2) Check ESDV valve and electronic control unit, ball valve, plug valve, pipe fittings are intact, valve position indication is normal.

(3) check the thermometer, pressure gauge with or without abnormal temperature and pressure gauge readings.

(4) check fire fighting equipment and a variety of tools are good and effective.

(5) Check whether the valve room is well ventilated, roof, wall, the ground with or without leakage, the valve pool with or without water, doors and windows security network is intact.

(6) check the valve room valve, pipe fittings with or without corrosion, corrosion layer with or without damage.

(7) valve room a variety of signs are intact, with or without missing.

(8) rainy season inspection valve whether there is floor collapse inside and outside the process, pipeline (equipment) foundation subsidence, found the problem immediately to the regional management office report.

(9) View the valve room outside the wall of industrial television monitoring system, solar power and TEG power generation system is normal.

(11) valve room and the cathodic protection station to build a permanent potentiometer to run the data. At the same time should also be checked as follows:

(11) check the gas-liquid linkage actuator sealing area where there is natural gas leakage, whether the oil spill, electronic control unit is normal, pressure tube manual valve is open state.

(12) Check the RTU panel parameters are normal, if there is parameter alarm, timely report to the regulators and operators, and make a record.

(13) check the solar power supply valve room solar panels and their wiring is solid, all kinds of test piles, lightning protection grounding, explosion-proof junction box is intact.

(14) check all kinds of electrical equipment, communication equipment is normal, UPS is working properly, the instructions show whether the instrument is normal.

(15) to check the work of the territorial patrol or the service of the petrol.

Second, third party construction management

Five check out:

(1) to identify the construction unit and the owner of the contact;

(2) to identify the project name, design (construction) program, the scope of construction, project schedule;

(3) to identify the specific location of the pipeline, depth and direction;

(4) to identify the possible hazards of construction;

(5) to find out whether the construction violation of the pipeline protection law.

Three reports:

(1) report the discovery of third-party construction time,

(2) report found that the specific location of third-party construction,

(3) report "five clear" information.

Four informs

(1) inform the owner or the construction unit of the specific location of the pipeline;

(2) inform the pipeline depth;

(3) inform the pipeline if the damage may be caused by damage,

(4) to inform the pipeline protection laws and related laws and regulations related provisions.

1, the following third party construction to obtain the company agreed that the pipeline protection design, construction program subject to the company for review and approval.

(1) construction work across pipelines;

(2) in the pipeline line on both sides of the center line of 5 meters to 50 meters, station, valve room, venting facilities, gas storage around 100 meters area, the new, alteration, expansion of railways, highways, canals, erection of power lines , Laying underground cable, cable, set the safety grounding, lightning grounding;

(3) Blasting, seismic exploration or engineering excavation, engineering drilling, and mining shall be carried out within 200 meters of each side of the center line of the pipeline line and within 500 meters of the station, valve room, venting facilities and gas storage.

In addition to the other third-party construction, the management of the construction program to be reviewed and the relevant procedures before construction.

2, pre - treatment

(1) inspection line workers found on both sides of the pipeline centerline 100 meters (blasting requirements of 200 meters) within the scope of a third party construction behavior and signs, to immediately report to the inspection team, for the legal ban on third-party construction to immediately stop.

(2) inspection team received the report, to immediately rushed to the scene, a detailed understanding of the situation, take pictures, so that "five clear": clear construction side and the owners of the details; clear project content and design (construction) program ; Clear the specific location of the pipeline, depth and direction; clear construction may produce harm; clear construction is illegal.

(3) for illegal construction, to immediately stop the scene, the delivery of "security notice" and asked the other party to sign, if refused to sign, to the delivery process to take pictures or express mail delivery, and retained courier procedures. For those who do not listen to discourage, forcibly construction, and immediately to the local people's government pipeline protection authorities, gas pipeline safety protection joint meeting, public security, safety supervision and other departments to report and arrange 24 hours uninterrupted field guard until illegal construction Effective control.

(4) on the third-party construction site of the pipeline, buried depth to the scene with the instrument detection, marking the line, set up warning signs, warning signs.

(5) For the project in the planning and design stage of the pipeline protection zone, it is necessary to report to the management office in time. The management office is responsible for arranging personnel to understand the planning plan and the relevant laws and regulations on pipeline protection to the owners, planning and land departments Request, keep track of project design progress, to avoid planning to occupy or unauthorized change in the use of land within the protection of the situation occurred.

3, construction supervision

(1) before the construction by the management team inspection team on the actual direction of the pipeline, the location of the detection and confirmation, and artificial excavation verification, to pay the safety precautions to the construction unit, put forward construction supervision requirements.

(2) during construction,Valve inspection team to arrange staff to implement 24-hour uninterrupted site monitoring. Inspection team to the third party construction site as an important inspection point, daily inspection, to understand the progress of construction, check the implementation of 24-hour guardianship system.

(3) for roads, railways and other cross-occupied pipeline construction, should be a comprehensive leak on the pipeline coating to confirm qualified or anti-corrosion repair before processing. For the pipeline, communication cable and other pipelines through the construction, in the backfill before the need to use EDM on the anti-corrosion detection, backfill again after the ground leak detection, and buried signs pile.

(4) site guardianship staff can temporarily hire local staff, but the key link must be the management of the relevant technical staff or professional line workers responsible.

(5) For the construction of the pipeline across the pipeline and the need for continuous on-site monitoring of the construction, pipeline branch should receive a certain compensation costs.

4, data management

(1) for each third party construction, should establish the appropriate data files, all correspondence, advice, design, construction program, approval procedures, the two sides signed the agreement, the completion of information and so on to be archived.

(2) As a result of third-party construction may lead to damage to the pipeline and other risks, in order to ensure the follow-up to facilitate the follow-up investigation and responsibility of the accident, as well as possible legal proceedings, etc., must strictly do a good job of data management, all important letters , Approval of documents, programs must be complete, so well documented.

(3) the construction process to do the hidden engineering records, to retain the image data and archiving.

(4) After the construction of the third party is completed,Valve the relevant data on the pipeline protection of the revised account to ensure that the data account and the actual site coincide.