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Valve To Prevent Internal Fuel Injection
Jul 07, 2017

Valve is used in the air compressor to control the main oil into the screw head of a switch, its main function is: air compressor starts when not too much oil into the host, this will lead to stall Air compressor can not start. When the air compressor shut down due to the internal pressure high oil valve timely cut off the oil, do not let the oil from the intake valve out of the jet.

There are two kinds of general oil valve, one is the electronic type of another mechanical. When the air compressor boot time, that is to say when the star delta began to load after the start, off the valve open, immediately to the screw head oil cooling. If not open then the air compressor will be high temperature, when the 110 degrees when the direct shutdown alarm. Moreover, when the air compressor in the shutdown, the oil valve will be action. When we press the stop button, the air compressor is unloaded immediately, into the delay stop state, and the air compressor shuts off at the moment when the air compressor is shut off to prevent the internal pressure of the oil and gas barrel from ejecting the screw air compressor oil from the intake valve. So this can be seen, the role of the air compressor on the valve is mainly in the open when the action, boot to the air compressor oil supply, stop the time to prevent the internal oil sprayed out.

Mechanical oil valve is mainly based on the pressure of the overhaul automatically adjust the oil supply, when the pressure when the oil valve all open, the same design and intake valve is mutual support. If the oil valve failure, when the oil valve does not open when the machine immediately on the high temperature shutdown, when the oil valve in the open state stuck, so that a boot immediately fuel.

Broken oil valve can not open the main reason is that the solenoid valve is not power, the coil burned, the spool stuck, the main controller failure and other reasons. If the oil valve can not be opened then the screw air compressor is not open up, a boot immediately host overload shutdown protection, must be faulted before they can run properly.