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Valve Timely Check Or Replace
Sep 28, 2017

There are two kinds of Valve, pneumatic Valve and manual type (L-type adjustable) Valve, mainly by the spool, diaphragm, import and export, intake interface and shell and other components. The L-type adjustable Valve is made of L-type plunger valve, which is replaced by the plunger valve core, the Valve can be adjusted according to the pressure requirements of the system piping.

The fluid in the shell enters from the inlet of the Valve and the diaphragm is blocked so that the fluid produces an upward pressure on the diaphragm. When the pressure is sufficiently large, the spring is compressed and the fluid is lifted up to form a passage from the Valve outlet; If the fluid pressure is not enough, it will form a pressure, so that the inlet pressure rise, until the rated pressure, the top of the diaphragm formation path.

The Valve can react quickly to any pressure change in the delivered product and change the stem position accordingly to maintain the pre-set pressure value. The size of the compressed air pressure is determined by the pressure of the upstream piping system, which is determined by the level of the sterilization temperature, where the manual Valve is manually adjusted and displayed on the PLC touch screen.

The Valve also applies to stainless steel piping systems, maintaining a constant pressure at the inlet end of the valve for use as a relief valve. Due to the entrance and the back of the main valve at the bottom of the 90 ° angle, so there is no residual liquid accumulation.

Pneumatic Valves, manual Valves are able to meet the sterilization needs, but must ensure that the Valve in the sterilization temperature range of stable production and discharge. In particular, the pneumatic Valve, in the choice of its pressure adjustment range should be within the sterilization temperature range, adjustable flow within the stability of the material, the pressure range is too small will cause the upstream pressure instability, will also resort Material is unstable. Spool diaphragm after a long time prone to produce aging, should be promptly checked or replaced in order to ensure the stability of sterilization temperature.