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Valve Speed ​​stability
May 24, 2017

I. Overview

Two-way hydraulic lock and balance valve in a certain situation can be used as a locking element, you can ensure that the work device will not be due to external reasons such as self-decline, speeding or string.

But in some specific speed load case, but can not be used interchangeably, the following for the two kinds of product structure, talk about some of the views of the author.

Second, the two-way hydraulic lock structure features:

Two-way hydraulic locks are two hydraulic check valves and used together, usually used in load-bearing hydraulic cylinders or motor oil, used to prevent the hydraulic cylinder or motor under the action of heavy down, need Operation, the other way to the oil supply, through the internal control of oil to open the one-way valve to the oil circuit connected to the hydraulic cylinder or motor to action.

Due to the structure of the product itself, the hydraulic cylinder during the movement, due to the load of self-weight, often in the main working chamber caused by an instant loss of pressure, resulting in vacuum, the surface of the one-way valve closed, and then continue to supply oil, making the working chamber pressure rise Open check valve. Due to the frequent opening and closing operation, and will cause the load in the process of falling to produce greater impact and vibration, therefore, two-way hydraulic lock is usually not recommended for high-speed heavy load conditions, and often used for longer support time, The speed is not high blocking circuit

Third, the structural characteristics of the balance valve:

The balance valve is also known as the speed limit lock, is an external control of the one-way valve, by a check valve and a sequential valve and used together, the hydraulic circuit, you can lock the hydraulic cylinder or motor Oil in the oil, make the hydraulic cylinder

Or the motor will not decline due to load, at this time from the role of locking. When the hydraulic cylinder or motor needs to move, through the other oil through the liquid, and through the balance valve internal oil control sequence valve to open the circuit connected to achieve its movement. As the sequence valve itself and the two-way hydraulic lock structure is different from the work known as the work loop in the establishment of a certain back pressure, and will not be due to self-weight overspeed to make the main work of the hydraulic cylinder or motor negative pressure, Two-way hydraulic lock that shock and vibration.

Therefore, the balance valve is generally used in high-speed heavy-duty, and the stability of the speed have some requirements in the loop.

Combined with the balance valve and two-way hydraulic lock structure analysis, 

In the case of low-speed light load, low speed stability requirements, in order to reduce costs, you can use two-way hydraulic lock as a circuit lock to use, and in high-speed heavy load, especially for high stability requirements of the occasion, The use of balance valve as a blocking element to use, must not blindly pursue the cost of the choice of two-way hydraulic lock, otherwise it will cause greater losses.