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Stainless Steel Pneumatic Butterfly's Valve Structure Features And Benefits
Nov 24, 2016

Stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve characteristics: made of stainless steel as the main material, is used along with the Orange, rotating circular disc opening and closing, and enable action to achieve the pneumatic valve block valves used mainly, can also be designed to have adjustment or valve and control functions, pneumatic butterfly valve in low pressure currently is widely used on the big diameter pipeline.

Main advantages of stainless steel pneumatic butterfly valve, simple structure, small size light weight, low cost, and the notable characteristics of pneumatic butterfly valve, installed at high altitudes and AO, after two five-way solenoid valve control is easy to operate, can also regulate the flow medium. Fluid resistance smaller, in the big caliber of pneumatic butterfly valve full Shi effective circulation area larger, opening and closing quickly effort, disc pull rotating 90 angle can completed opening and closing, due to hinge sides disc Board hand media force close equal, and produced of turned moment direction instead, thus opening and closing torque smaller, low voltage Xia can achieved good of sealed, disc valve sealed material has NBR rubber, and Viton, edible rubber, lining four fluoride so sealed performance good, which hard sealed disc valve for soft hard cascade type metal tablets has metal hard sealed and elastic sealed of heavy advantages, Both have excellent sealing properties under low temperatures.