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Pneumatic Valve Operating Mechanisms And Performance Test
Nov 24, 2016

A pneumatic valve operating mechanism:

1 pneumatic valve operation opening and closing directions, clockwise to close;

2 due to pneumatic valves in the pipe network, is often a manual opening and closing, opening and closing speed should not be too much, is a large diameter valves should also be within the 200-600;

3 in order to facilitate a person's opening and closing operations, in relation to pipelines under pressure, maximum torque should be 240N-m;

4 pneumatic gate valve operation should end Tenon, and size standardization, and for the ground so that people can operate directly from the ground. Valve does not apply to underground pipe network with roulette.

5 pneumatic valves opening and closing levels of display

① pneumatic valve opening and closing levels of the tick should be cast in the gearbox cover or casing of the display panel after changing direction, all facing the ground, tick on the brush phosphor, eye-catching;

II indicates that the needle of the material available and better managed than stainless steel or painted steel, do not use aluminum skin;

③ indicating needle striking immobilization, soon after opening and closing control accurate, rivets should be locked.

4.6 If the pneumatic valves buried deeper, operators and show off the ground distance ≥ 1.5M, extension Rod facilities should be established, fixed and secure, so that people from the observation and operations on the ground. That is, the gate valve in the pipe network operation, should not be logging operations.

Second, pneumatic valve performance testing:

5.1 valve when a specification volume manufacturing, should be entrusted to authoritative institutions detection of the following performance:

① torque of valves are in working under pressure;

II in the industry under pressure, can ensure the continuous opening and closing times of the valve shut tightly;

③ the valve in the pipeline under water flow resistance coefficient testing.

5.2 valves in the factory should test the following:

① valve in open condition, valve shall withstand the pressure value for the valve twice times the internal pressure test;

② valve closed conditions, on both sides under 1.1 times times the pressure value for the valve, no leakage but metal sealing butterfly valve, leakage value is not greater than the associated requirements.