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Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator Good Maintenance Management Can Improve Reliability And Effectiveness
Jul 07, 2017

Over the past 10 years, due to the extensive adoption and absorption of microcomputer control, micro-mechanical and other new technologies, new achievements and mature experience, so that the rapid development of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators, and now has been widely used "microcomputer + follow-up system" Actuator, which is completed by the microprocessor signal transmission, adjust the parameters of the switch, the status indicator, the amount of control output, enhanced control system performance, use and maintenance aspects of flexibility.

Fault Analysis of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator

To improve the reliability of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators, it is necessary to minimize and eliminate the failure, and in fact this failure is varied. Mainly due to a component failure, the system components / components integrated factors, electrical, secondary circuit and external factors caused. Some failures can be resolved by adjusting the method, some failures are due to the use of a long time, poor precision, the need to repair, replacement parts to restore its performance, and some are due to the original design is not good, need to be improved to exclude.

1. Fault characteristics of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators

(1) debug phase failure

New Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator fault problems are more complex, which is characterized by design, manufacturing, installation and management and many other issues intertwined. Common faults have a serious leak, the speed is difficult to adjust the stability of the stolen goods or oil to make the drive jam or action failure. Some components missing or loaded the wrong spring, seals, some are defective design, improper component selection, action is not smooth, poor positioning accuracy, such treatment, should be patient and meticulous, careful treatment, one by one rule.

(2) operation early and mid-term failure

After the commissioning into the normal production stage of the fault feature is a small number of seals due to assembly quality and material quality problems in the short term damage and oil leakage, while adhesion in the wall, hole wall burr, sticky sand, impurities and stolen goods off Some components are unstable. Usually in the middle of the operation, the system components / components in the best operating state, the failure rate is low.

(3) run late failure

After the operation of the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator for a period of time, the various components / components due to the difference between the operating frequency and load conditions, the wearing parts have wear exceeded, this stage of the fault feature is poor position feedback contact, poor positioning accuracy, stability, Significantly reduced, the failure rate gradually increased. At this time should be a comprehensive inspection, replacement of failure parts, a comprehensive repair failure. Otherwise it will give the operator a lot of inconvenience, and even seriously affect the normal regulation and control of the unit.

Incidentally, sudden failure

This type of failure in the performance of the occasional mutation, the fault area and the cause is more obvious by the non-human and human factors, such as poor position feedback device contact, brake wear and "lock", parts damaged, coil burned , Seal failure and so on.

Two Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators for maintenance

The Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is mainly composed of motor, bearing, gear transmission system and electronic part. According to the US military standard MIL-HDBK-338 published reliability data show that the actuator failure is mainly concentrated in the motor and bearing. In the event of a motor failure: 20% of the winding failure, 45% of the bearing failure, slip ring, brush, commutator damage accounted for 5%, the other 30%; in the bearing failure: lubricant deterioration, Accounting for 30%, denudation accounted for 5%, 5% of the imbalance, corrosion accounted for 5%, the other 10%. It can be seen that good maintenance management can improve the reliability and effectiveness of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators.

(1) to strengthen the cleanliness of lubricants management

The biggest feature of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators is the need to use lubricants, the viscosity changes with the oil temperature. Viscosity is too low, turbine worms and gears and other transmission parts of the wear will increase, so that transmission accuracy decreased; viscosity is too high, poor action. And the cleanliness of lubricating grease management is more difficult, turbine worms and gears and other transmission parts wear and tear, aging impurities and moisture infiltration, the internal coating off, corrosion and so will affect the cleanliness of lubricants.

(2) timely elimination of grease leakage

As the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator operating frequency is high, fast, it is difficult to avoid the impact, which is leading to oil leakage is an important reason, once the grease leakage, need to be resolved in a timely manner.

(3) to improve the working environment of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators and conditions of use

The reliability and longevity of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators have a direct relationship with their use, their environment, and personnel knowledge. Only in the maintenance and management to improve their working environment and the use of conditions, people-oriented, it may extend the service life.

(4) in the early stages of failure to strengthen maintenance

In all the failures of the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator, the proportion of the initial failure is generally higher. The initial failure is mostly due to the design, manufacture, installation of the initial error caused by the initial failure of these discoveries need to spend a certain amount of effort to solve also takes time. Therefore, during the initial period of failure to strengthen the maintenance and management.

(5) do a good job of data management to prevent accidental failure

Intermittent failures of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators are generally more difficult to predict. In order to prevent occasional failures, to regularly check and maintain, master a certain stage of maintenance information and historical archival data, which for the accurate implementation of fault diagnosis and routine maintenance is very important.

(6) to improve the operational and maintenance personnel expertise

Operation and maintenance personnel to master the degree of professional knowledge directly affect the maintenance and management. In recent years, due to the changes in the operation and maintenance personnel structure, so that they have the knowledge of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators, technical mastery has been greatly improved, however, there are still many operating maintenance personnel lack of proper knowledge and technology. Most of the field operation and maintenance personnel on the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator in the "understand the situation", which is the maintenance and management of the weak link.

In order to facilitate the operation and maintenance personnel to carry out on-site maintenance and management, in the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator system design should have a sense of advance, taking full account of the ease of maintenance management implementation, and strive to do: the system to be simplified, simple system failure rate, Easy to repair; easy to repair; integration, integration, adjustment, easy to check; introduction of fault diagnosis and positioning, fault tolerance / error correction and other new technologies.