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Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator Good Adaptability To Work Environment
Oct 30, 2017

In terms of technical performance, the advantages of Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator mainly include the following 4 aspects:

(1) Large load, can adapt to the application of high torque output.

(2) Quick action and quick response.

(3) Work environment adaptability, especially in the flammable, explosive, dusty, strong magnetic, radiation and vibration of the harsh working environment, than hydraulic, electronic, electrical control more superior.

(4) The motor is easily damaged when the stroke is obstructed or the stem is stuck.

The advantages of the electric actuator include:

(1) Compact structure, compact size. Compared to the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator, the electric actuator structure is relatively simple, and a basic electronic system includes actuators, three-position DPDT switches, fuses and some wires that are easy to assemble.

(2) The drive source of electric actuator is very flexible, the general vehicle power supply can satisfy the need, and the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator needs the gas source and the compression drive device.

(3) The electric actuator has no "leakage" danger, high reliability, and the air compressibility makes the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator stability slightly worse.

(4) No need to install and maintain all kinds of pneumatic pipelines.

(5) There can be no power to maintain the load, and the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator requires continuous pressure supply.

(6) The electric actuator is quieter because no additional pressure devices are required. Usually, if the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is under heavy load, the silencer should be installed.

(7) In the pneumatic device usually need to convert electrical signals into gas signals, and then converted to electrical signals, transmission speed is slow, not suitable for the complex circuit of excessive series of components.

(8) Electric actuator in the control of the accuracy of more than a chip.

In fact, pneumatic systems and electric systems are not mutually exclusive. Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator can be simple to achieve fast linear cycle movement, simple structure, easy maintenance, at the same time can be used in a variety of harsh work environment, such as explosion-proof requirements, dust or wet working conditions. However, with the rapid increase of force and the need for precise positioning, the electric actuator with servo motor has the advantage. For applications requiring precise, synchronized, adjustable and regulated positioning programming, the electric actuator is the best choice, and the electric drive system with a servo or stepper motor with a closed-loop positioning controller can complement the deficiencies of the pneumatic system. Modern control system is more and more complex, more sophisticated, not some kind of drive control technology can meet the system of a variety of control functions. Electric actuator is mainly used in the application of precise control, the requirements of automation equipment in the continuous upgrading, the same equipment is often required to adapt to the different size of the workpiece processing needs, actuators need to carry out a lot of positioning control, but also to the execution of the operating speed and torque to accurately control or synchronous tracking, These use traditional pneumatic control is impossible to achieve, and the electric actuator can easily achieve such control. It can be seen that Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is more suitable for simple motion control, while the electric actuator is used for precise motion control occasions.