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Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator Can Adjust The Production Process Of Materials, Energy
Aug 08, 2017

Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator refers to the control system to electricity as an energy actuator, accept the instrument and other electrical signals, according to the size of the signal to change the amount of control, so that the input or output control object material or energy changes to achieve automatic Adjust the purpose.

In industrial production, the most widely used electric control valve. The electric control valve is composed of the actuator and the regulating mechanism (valve). The valve section has been described earlier, so only the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is only introduced in the electric control valve.

The Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is an important part of the electric regulating system. It receives the 4 ~ 20mADC signal from the output of the electric controller and converts it into the appropriate force or torque to manipulate the adjustment mechanism so as to continuously adjust the flow of the fluid in the pipeline during the production process. Of course, the electric implementation can also adjust the production process of materials, energy, etc., in order to achieve automatic adjustment. The Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is composed of two parts of the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator and the regulating mechanism, in which the part of the control signal of the electric controller is converted into force or torque part called Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator; and various types of control valves or other similar effects The adjustment device is collectively referred to as the adjustment mechanism.

Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators according to different requirements, there are simple and complicated. Changzhou Tianqin Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators are used as power components to promote the adjustment mechanism. The most common use of the regulator is the control valve, which is exactly the same as the control valve for the pneumatic actuator.

  The Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuators can also switch between the automatic operation of the control system and the manual operation by the electric manipulator. When the switch of the operator is tangent to the "manual" position, the power supply of the servo motor can be directly controlled by the positive and the anti-operation buttons of the operator to realize the forward / stop / reverse rotation of the output shaft. In addition, you can also manually turn the handle on the floor by turning the handle on the actuator. Receiver 4 ~ 20mADC signal of the Partial Rotary Valve Electric Actuator, are two-phase asynchronous servo motor as the driving position of the servo, according to the use of different regulatory agencies, the output method has a straight trip, angular travel and multi-turn three types, The composition and working principle of the various electric actuating structures are identical, except that the reducer is different.