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Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator With Compact Structure, Beautiful Appearance, Good Lock Gas
Oct 18, 2017

Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator commonly known as Star feeder, shutdown fan, lock gas, rotating feeder, etc., it is composed of several blades of the rotor, shell, seals and motor, reducer and so on. When the rotor rotates in the cylindrical casing, the material from the upper hopper is filled in the space between the blades, which is discharged with the rotation of the rotor to the lower part of the blade, thereby realizing the uniform and continuous conveying material.

Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is the key equipment in pneumatic conveying system, for positive pressure conveying system or negative pressure conveying system, the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator can be supplied to the feeding pipe evenly and continuously, the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is very suitable for positive, negative pressure pneumatic conveying system, pulse dedusting equipment and precision feeding and other occasions. The Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator has compact structure, beautiful appearance, good lock gas, stable work, blanking evenly, light energy saving and other characteristics, can play the role of feeding, locked air flow, due to the low-speed rotation of the rotor and the small gap between the rotor and the shell, effectively prevent the reverse flow of airflow, thus ensuring the system's pressure stability and the normal discharge of materials.

According to the characteristics of the material, use and use of different conditions, the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator has a variety of structural types, its selection should be based on the characteristics of the transported materials such as particle size, adhesion, temperature, humidity, etc. to determine.

The debugging method of Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator

1. Check all parts of the fastening situation and positioning pins are loose phenomenon.

2. There is no oil leakage inside the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator body.

3. Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator body can not be scaling, rust and spalling phenomenon.

4. Pay attention to the lubrication and heat dissipation is normal, pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil, often listen to the rotating valve operation has no noise, pay attention to the unit is not in accordance with the provisions of the operating conditions, and pay attention to regular add butter.

5. The overload of the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator, sometimes not immediately displayed, so pay attention to the inlet, exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and motor current increasing trend to determine whether the machine is operating normally.

6. Before dismantling the machine, we should measure the size of the machine, do the recording, and mark the rotation on the parts, how to debug the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator? To ensure the maintenance of the original match after the assembly requirements.

Normal use of the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator we need to be punctual to clean it, so that we can produce a quality taste of qualified products.

Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator that is to say, rotary dust collector is mainly to collect dust equipment, dust in the bag is adsorbed on the surface may be followed by the wind off the delivery of the fan to the silo may be inside the bag, in a long time to work in the future bag inside

Wall may die the inner wall will accumulate is a layer of dust, suggest that each class to end the future opened the door, the use of wooden sticks may be compressed air to clean up. Cyclone Machine Dust Remover is not easy to be opened, every day need to query the glass query

Hole to see if there was a blockage in the case, the fan is not still rolling, assuming that the above question, the need for timely processing, the accumulation of material processing is intact, and the use of rubber hammer gently knock brake cron, cone Check the shape of the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator of the conventional cleaning method and price barrel shape, the backlog of the cylinder body wall material down. Under normal circumstances, some of the Cron nickel can be fully used in the hair deterioration of the necessary through the treatment of the void.