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Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator To Achieve The Trip Control Function
Jun 27, 2017

The Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is the execution unit in the electric unit modular instrument. It is a single-phase AC power as the driving force to accept a unified standard DC signal, the output of the corresponding angular displacement, operating throttle, baffle and other regulatory agencies can be equipped with a variety of electric manipulator to complete the adjustment system "manual - automatic" Disturbance switch, and the remote control of the object to be manipulated, the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator also has electrical limit and mechanical limit double protection to complete the task of automatic adjustment. It is widely used in power, metallurgy, petrochemical and boiler system of the Sheung Shui and damper baffle adjustment and other departments are widely used.

Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is a mechanical and electrical integration equipment commonly used in automatic control system. It is a kind of driving device with electric power as the driving force and output angular displacement or linear displacement with a certain kinetic energy. It is mainly composed of motor, main transmission mechanism, position sensor, Institutions, hand automatic switching mechanism. It can be set according to the pre-set requirements, the corresponding number of turns, angle or length, that is, to achieve the travel control function, and can limit the output torque or thrust, that is, to achieve torque control. At the same time can also automatically switch through the body, manual debugging operation.

The angle of rotation of the Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator is 0-90 ° or other corner, mainly composed of motor, position sensor, worm, worm, drive shaft, control unit, operation panel, hand wheel and so on. The control unit receives 4-20mA current or The level of control signals to drive the motor rotation, the motor rotation through the rotor shaft directly driven by a worm rotation, a worm driven a helical gear rotation, and then driven by the clutch two worms, two worms drive two worm gear rotation, Thereby outputting the corresponding moment and angular displacement.

At present, according to the national environmental requirements, many power plants, chemical plants and other needs to install desulfurization and denitrification system, desulfurization and denitrification systems are used in small diameter pipes, requiring Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuators must be small, light weight, the output torque is small, so the market This type of angular travel Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator needs increased. In view of the above demand, the market appeared a output torque in the 50-100nm, small size, light weight of the trip Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator


(1) optimize the structure design, making the product miniaturization, sophisticated,

(2) the box and the cover using high-pressure casting process, the product light;

(3) wiring outlet can choose two directions to install;

(4) the electrical cavity with two sealed design, to prevent the wiring chamber due to water into the electrical cavity into the water;

(5) with button collision protection, display hood collision protection, hand wheel collision protection function;

(6) intelligent design, as shown, the actuator of the signal to record, to facilitate the signal read, the precise drive valve;

(7) the output accuracy is high, the error is less than 0.5 °;

(8) life to meet the switch valve 10000 times.