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Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator Rain, Moisture, Dust Control Measures
Aug 08, 2017

Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator The electric motor is equipped with special motor for the closed squirrel cage structure, short-term intermittent working system (10min) self-cooling type. According to GB 4942.1-85 requirements, the minimum degree of protection IP44, the highest degree of protection IP68. Valve use conditions and the environment is different, the required level of protection is also different. Low protection level will cause the motor cavity moisture or dust and other foreign objects intrusion, the motor insulation resistance caused by damage caused by damage.

Valve Denso packaging should be rain, moisture,Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator dust control measures, packaging should be solid and reliable. During the transport process should be rain measures, the product should be stored in the field after the ventilation, dry place, not open storage. It is forbidden to tighten all fasteners after the rainy weather is commissioned or overhauled to ensure that all electrical parts are tightly sealed.

Valve electrical equipment selection and stroke position adjustment control improper:

Valve electrical installation has two important parameters.

① opening and closing torque value should include the actual working torque of the valve plus the torque value of the valve itself, opening and closing torque size affect the use of the valve, the force is easy to bad, small force leakage. In the selection of matching should have enough margin (generally require greater than the actual operating torque of the valve 1.1 to 1.3 times).

② travel position control and valve caliber size, length of opening and closing time and structure and so on. Valve electrical equipment supporting the motor for the special motor, short-term work system, time 10-15min. Such as in the short-term working hours of high load,Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator resulting in motor heating insulation grade degradation caused damage.

Valve Denso does not match motor model:

The selected motor model does not match the requirements of the electrical equipment, the actual output torque does not leave enough corresponding margin, overload operation is easy to cause damage to the motor.

Electrical protection failure, poor quality of electrical components: valve electronic switch is the key components of the control mechanism,Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator when the valve over the stroke position, the micro switch off the power supply, from the overload protection. Most of the assembly manufacturers will stroke and torque protection in series together, when the ultra-stroke or ultra-torque, the micro-switch in time to cut off the AC contactor coil control power, thus cutting off the motor main circuit.

Debug installation improperly used:

① valve electrical equipment is divided into horizontal installation and vertical installation of two. In the vertical installation of the motor at the end of the tail. In the threading sleeve rubber seal failure, the cavity of the grease through the cable outlet into the motor cavity easy to short-circuit winding and burn the motor.

② According to JB 8528-1997, the direction of rotation of the handwheel of the electric device should be in the same direction as the rotation direction of the output shaft,Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator the clockwise closing valve and the counterclockwise opening valve. If the actual direction of rotation of the motor does not comply with the provisions, you need to replace the three-phase power of any two-phase (swap can be). Otherwise due to reverse, so that failure to protect the motor damage caused.

③ Because the valve special motor is a high load short working system. If the continuous commissioning time is longer than the rated time, resulting in motor heat damage.

Valve electrical equipment and valve connection does not match: multi-turn valve electrical equipment is divided into two types of torque and thrust. Torque type mostly for the three-jaw connection or key connection, the valve does not bear the axial thrust equipment. Most of the thrust type for the threaded connection,Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator can withstand greater axial thrust. In order to connect the valve between the electrical and the valve does not interfere with the need to limit the valve with the upper part of the valve with the valve with a suitable gap. So that the worm gear mounted on the output shaft is not aligned to ensure that the meshing plane of the worm gear center has a good meshing effect to ensure that the transmission torque reaches the rated output torque value.

Motor temperature control failure:

When the motor temperature is higher than the set temperature value, the temperature control switch will immediately cut off the control circuit, and it will protect the motor. When the temperature is higher than the set temperature value, the temperature control switch will cut off the control circuit immediately.