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Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator Installation Is Very Convenient
Jun 06, 2017

Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator , one installed in the end of the indoor low-pressure gas pipeline, connected by the hose and gas appliance (also available with metal bellows) purely rely on mechanical work of the patented product, the key technology is the use of magnetic characteristics" (Open) or push back (closed), while the use of magnetic force and spring spring with the role of cooperation to achieve the drive switch. And open, the more the number of closures, the more the number of closed, The better the sealing performance, the longer life. With no leakage, over-temperature protection, over-current protection, easy installation, energy saving, and other features.

1, the basic switch mode operation:

(1), open state:

Need to manually operate the circular push ring to "push the way", will push the ring to the green arrow that is "open" position.

(2), closed state:

Need to manually operate the circular push ring to "push the way", will push the ring to the red arrow that is "off" position.

2, over-temperature protection function action:

When the kitchen fire or other reasons over-temperature protection function starts, the valve external switch will pop-up spring close switch, the user contact the local gas company customer service department to replace the new valve

3, over-current protection function after the action:

First, close the front of the table before the valve is connected or replaced after a good hose. Second, the operation of the external push the ring to open and pull the push and pull 2 times. Finally, open the table before the total valve can be used normally ventilation, or built-in switch has been in a closed state.

4, the first use or long when not used:

Please repeatedly switch the valve to 2 seconds for the interval (that is, "open" 2 seconds and then to "off" repeated operation several times).

5, the valve open state if the stove point does not catch fire:

Please pay attention to check whether the pipeline pressure exceeds the set value, if the pipeline pressure is in the normal state, the user can call the local gas company hotline by the professionals to detect and repair, do not operate on their own,Multi Rotary Valve Electric Actuator so as to avoid unnecessary personal and property safety.

Construction personnel installation, the traditional type of gas valve need to consider the direction of the switch stem handle position, more than the wrong position when the need to loose tight retraction, it will cause the possibility of gas leakage, and the traditional gas valve occupies a relatively large space The

Push-type multi-purpose gas valve is no longer need to consider the direction of the size of the space and bother to have the following installation advantages:

① 360 ° rotation when the installation of tight installation is very convenient;

② improve the work efficiency, saving labor installation costs and time;

③ small size, reducing the kitchen occupancy position also beautify the space.