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Main Classification And Product Characteristics Of Pneumatic Valve
Nov 24, 2016

Pneumatic valve pneumatic valve design concept, different innovative, formed their own company standards and products. Pneumatic valves on the market there are different classifications, the following will introduce specific classification is as follows:

Pneumatic valve types:

1) pneumatic v-type control ball valve

2) pneumatic o type cuts off the ball valve

3) torque cylinder ball valve

4) electromagnetic diaphragm valve

5) program straight pneumatic diaphragm valve

6) electric valve

Pneumatic valves use and characteristics, operating principle

A, use: is a right angle Rotary structure, it is used with the valve positioner, can realize the proportion; v-type valve best suited for all kinds of regulation, has rated flow coefficient, variable ratio, good sealing effect, zero sensitivity adjustment performance, small size, vertical-horizontal installation. Applied to control gas, vapours, liquids and other media.

B, features: a right angle Rotary structure, consists of v-type valve, pneumatic actuators, locators, and other accessories; there are a hundred more than the inherent flow characteristic; dual bearing construction, start small torque, excellent sensitivity and inductive speed; superior cutting ability.

C, pneumatic piston implementing agencies using compressed air as a power source, through the movement of the piston arm 90 degree rotation, to enable automatic opening and closing of the valve. Part of it is: adjusting bolt, actuator box, crank and cylinder blocks, Pistons, connecting rods, cylinder shaft, cardan shaft.

D the principle of pneumatic control valve: valve regulated by the implementing agencies and institutions. Thrust part of the executing agency is the regulator, which according to the size of the control signal pressure produces the thrust to promote adjustment mechanism. Regulating valve pneumatic control valve parts, it's contact with regulating media, regulating the flow of the fluid.