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Electric Knife Gate Valve
Nov 24, 2016

Electric Knife gate valve on the use of many of them are our access to, but not without any purpose, use or need to know.

Electric valve applications: electric valves: for liquid, gas and wind system analog adjustment of pipe flow, is the AI controlled. Large valves and motorized valve can also be used in the control of wind system controlled by two switches. Electric valve: AI feedback signal, can be controlled by AO or DO, relatively common in large pipes and air valve. 1. switch type: electric valve drives are generally used motor, open/close action takes some time to complete analog, you can adjust. 2. the nature of the work: electric valve drives are usually motors, high voltage shock. Solenoid valve is quickly opened and quickly closed, generally with small flow rate and small pressure, electric valves instead of the required switching frequency. Electric valve opening control, State open, closed, half open and half off, you can control the media flow in pipes and solenoid valves does not meet this requirement. Pneumatic gate valves: with compressed air-driven valves.