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When the pneumatic butterfly valve fails, how we are going to solve it
Nov 24, 2016

1, the installation must verify the product flow arrow conforms to campaign conditions and media, and wash the cavity in the valve plug is not allowed in the ring and with impurity on the disc, was shut down before cleaning do not allow the disc to avoid damage to seals.

2, pneumatic butterfly valve installed position in the pipe, the best position for vertical loading, but you can't flip.

3, pneumatic butterfly valve used in the need to regulate the flow, control pneumatic actuators.

4, manual butterfly valve open and close more, in about two months time, open gear case cover, check that the butter is normal, should maintain the right amount of butter.

5, check the joints require clamping, guarantee the sealing of packing and ensures that the stem are flexible.

6, metal seal pneumatic butterfly valve is not suitable for installation in pipes to the end, must be installed on the pipe ends, equipped with outlet flange to be taken to prevent seal backlog, too.

7, valve stem install check valve used on a regular basis using reaction results, finding fault ruled out in a timely manner.

Pneumatic butterfly valve sealing surface leakage fault of exclusion:

1, the sealing surface of the disc, filled with debris

2, the sealing surface of the disc, close the position line is not straight

3, outlet side configuration with uneven flange bolt stress

Both ends pneumatic butterfly valve leaks trouble shooting:

1, both sides of gasket failure

2, flange or uneven force is not pressed

3, seal ring and seal gasket failure.