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Valve cavitation ways to solve?
Nov 24, 2016

As the voices can have negative effects on the human body, certain frequencies can play havoc with industrial equipment. When the control valve is choosing a suitable gas-increased risk of corrosion, which will lead to high levels of noise and vibration, causing damage very quickly within and downstream piping. In addition, high noise levels are often caused by vibration, may damage the pipes, instruments and other equipment. Valve with the passage of time, the degradation of parts, valve piping systems are prone to serious damage caused by cavitation. The damage often is made from noise and vibration energy to accelerate the corrosion process. Cavitation erosion and reflect the high noise level of large amplitude vibrations generated by the bubble near and downstream of the formation and collapse reduced flow. Although this usually happens when the ball valve and rotary valve in the valve body, it actually can take place in a short, high recovery rates similar to wafer body v-ball valves, especially the butterfly valve of the piping on the downstream side of the valve. When the valve is stress a location prone to cavitation, it'll be easier for leaks at the valve pipe and repair welding, valve is not suitable for this segment of the pipeline.

Valve mechanism of cavitation and cavitation damage based on the introduced some valves prevent cavitation structure. Key words: erosion, cavitation resistant valve, structure, introduction of the valve once cavitation occurs, it will reduce the carrying capacity of the valve, vibration and noise, cause parts damage, affecting the normal operation of the valve. Cavitation damage often occurs in determining the key parts of the main performance of the valve, shut off valves closed, control valve throttle valve and sealing requirements sealing of the valve, and so on. Therefore, the valve cavitation research has paid more and more attention. In other countries, has been very active on the study on the mechanism of cavitation, application visibility laboratory equipment and observation of cavitation occurs, the study of cavitation and cavitation damage system. Valve flow coefficient and cavitation coefficient is an important parameter in valve, this valve data produced in advanced industrial countries in general are able to provide, even in the samples are printed. Production of valves in China is basically no information in this regard, information on because this experiment needs to be done to produce this is our country and the world's advanced level of the valve gap is one of the important manifestation.