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Some installation tips on electric knife gate valve
Nov 24, 2016

1) valve must be mounted vertically, and as close as possible to the protected equipment or pipeline, from protected equipment to the relief valve piping shall not exceed the maximum pressure losses safety valve set pressure of population 3%.

2) safety valve safety valve inlet pipe diameter must be greater than or equal to diameter of the population, the size of the connection head should be located at the entrance of the safety valve.

3) emissions into the atmosphere of the relief valve, discharge pipe was higher than discharge as the center of the 7. 5M of platform, equipment or ground within a RADIUS more than 2.5M. And for corrosive, flammable or toxic media, discharge the operation within a radius of up to 15m platform, device or 3M the ground.

4) relief valve discharge pipe line of people the atmosphere, ends cut flat at the same time, electric knife gate valves in the valve outlet elbow near lower φ φ l0mm 6~ opened a small hole, so as not to rain, snow or condensate accumulation in the discharge tube.

5) relief valve discharges liquids, lead to devices within recent technology waste systems, do not allow direct discharge to atmosphere.

6) safety valves mounted on ease of maintenance and regulation, actions should have enough space around.

7) safety valve entrance not allows set cut valve, if for maintenance or other aspects of reasons (as emissions of media in the contains solid particles, effect safety valve jumped open Hou cannot again close, need apart maintenance; or for viscous, and corrosion sex media), can added cut valve and set check valve, cut valve must in full Kai State, and added seals, and due striking of logo.

8) on the possibility of using steam blowing pressure relief corridor, should be taken into account due to the thermal expansion of steam blowing.