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Installation and adjustment of electric knife gate valve
Nov 24, 2016

Electric Knife gate valve controller installation and adjustment need to be aware of the following points:

1, purchase the spec by installing it fixed, the ground terminal on the rear panel must be reliably grounded.

2, the controller and the electric circuit diagram, are the same, cable in the same terminal, connect the controller and electric device, if the user does not need to control, 12, 13, 14 terminals not pick. Electronic valve controller when used in automatic control systems, 12, 13, 14, Terminal for "auto", "auto power off" signal input terminals.

3, press the power button, power light is on, the remote control switch to remote control, remote control light is on.

4, use the hand wheel to open valve to 50% at the opening, press the open or close valve key, check the rotation direction of electric knife gate valves and the keys are the same, such as inconsistencies immediately press the stop button, cut off three-phase power supply, change any two phases of three-phase power supply.

5, open valve key is pressed, when the valve is fully open when the valve opening on the front panel indicator lights according to Shimonoseki valve key, when the valve is fully closed when the lock light is on on the front panel; when the valve is in the on or off during stops, press the stop key, stop valves. Terminals shorted, 4th and 7th, lights on the front panel.

6, when the valve is in the fully open position, the adjustment adjust the potentiometer on the front panel of the open table display 100%.

7, the remote control switches to the scene, light, short circuit terminals, 12th and 13th, valves and open to run for State; short-circuit terminals, 12th and 14th, valve to close to running state.

8, the fuse on the rear panel of 5x20,1A.