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Forge the steel valve apply dielectric grease problem
Nov 24, 2016

Forge the steel valve mainly applies to power various systems of pipelines, cut off or put through the media pipeline. Suitable medium: water, steam, non-aggressive media. Forged steel valve compared with other valve products are characterized by high temperature and high pressure, unique design, the higher the pressure, more reliable seal. Due to technical characteristics, the conditions of the special product characteristics can not be replaced by other products were also formed.

Forge the steel valve often ignored problem of grease. Grease gun after refueling, operator of low temperature cut-off valves the valves and grease after connection, grease job. There are two kinds of forged steel gate valve: grease insufficient amount of grease on the one hand, due to lack of lubricant on the sealing surface and accelerated wear. Excessive grease on the other hand, lead to waste. Is not depending on the valve type category, to accurately calculate the different valve sealing capacity. With valve size and category to calculate the sealing capacity, no matter how reasonable the inject the right amount of grease.