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Electric Knife gate valve to select security points
Nov 24, 2016

Safety valves are used in compression equipment, containers or automatic valves of the pipeline, as exceeding pressing protectors. Safety valve and the electric or pneumatic valve is different, it is not required by any external forces, but to use the medium itself to discharge a nominal amount of fluid to prevent security system pressure exceeds the reservation value; when the pressure returns to normal, valve closes again and stop the media continues to flow. So what is the safety valve selection?

1) steam boiler safety valve, generally choose spring all opening type relief valve.

2) safety valves for liquid media, generally choose spring opening type relief valve.

3) safety valves for air or other gaseous medium, usually full open Spring safety valve selection.

4) exports of oil wells (Christmas tree) relief valves, General selection of pilot operated safety valves.

5) liquefied petroleum gas tank car or the safety valves for LPG rail tankers, generally selecting full open valve inside.

6) high-pressure bypass electric knife gate valve of steam generation equipment, generally selected for their safety and control functions of the pilot-operated relief valve.