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Electric Knife gate valve maintenance tips
Nov 24, 2016

Pneumatic valve maintenance tips

1. valve body (including the variable transmission box), first blast cleaning, Rust removal, electric knife gate valves to electrostatic spraying powder nontoxic epoxy resin, thickness up to 0.3mm or more. Oversize electrostatic spraying valve nontoxic epoxy resin have difficulties should also brush, similar nonpoisonous epoxy spray paint.

2. all parts of the inside of the valve body and valve plate requires a comprehensive anti-corrosion, on the one hand immersed in water will not rust, does not produce electro-chemical corrosion between the two metals; two smooth surfaces reduce water resistance.

3 valve body corrosion protection of epoxy resin or paint the health requirements, should have the test report of the appropriate authority. Chemical and physical properties should also be in conformity with the relevant requirements.