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Electric Knife gate valve installation tips
Nov 24, 2016

Electric ball valve before maintenance is included in the installation of preparation, pneumatic pipeline ball valve installation, pneumatic pipeline ball valve is installed after the check ball valve, pneumatic pipeline repairs.

Electric ball valves in corrosion occurs during use. After the metallographic analysis, dye test, heat treatment test and SEM analysis found corrosion of the materials is a key factor because material poverty along the grain boundary carbide precipitation formed in chrome valve, gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, resulting in

Electric ball valve after installation is complete, start the pneumatic pipeline ball valve open and close several times, should be flexible, even by force, pneumatic pipeline ball valve is working properly; based on the design requirements, through pressure testing pneumatic pipe ball valve and the sealing performance of pipe Flange joint.

In order to ensure that pneumatic pipeline ball valve installed position on the pipeline at the same position, two piece flanges should be parallel on the pipeline, confirmed the pipeline to withstand pneumatic pipeline ball valve weight, if that pipeline cannot withstand the pneumatic pipe ball valve weight, before you install to a pipeline equipped with the appropriate support.

Pneumatic pipe ball valve flange and pipe flange gasket loaded according to design requirements, electric knife gate valve flange bolts necessary symmetry, gradually and evenly tighten, if pneumatic pipe when ball valves pneumatic and electric actuators, gas source, follow the instructions to complete installation of the power supply.

In addition, confirm if there are impurities in the pipeline, slag, etc, have to purge and clean line.