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Electric Knife gate valve features
Nov 24, 2016

1, knife-shaped plasma valve according to the different caliber made dark bar and screw in two forms (non-rising stem DN50~900mm, DN50~900mm valves), circular DC channel design out sediment, not blocking. Into the bottom of the cutter blade-shaped, soft materials, such as fiber, pulp and paper, wood pulp has cut off function, and has good opening and closing effects. Installed at the top of the cutter with stiff PTFE wiper prevents dust, gravel scrapes into packing boxes, can significantly improve the service life of the cutter. Valve plates made of stainless steel, grinding and polishing process to get the best seating. Compact design and occupy very little space, light weight, cheap, easy to install, perfect wear-preventing measures, ease of maintenance, ease of use and long life, and can choose any drive.

2, valve body, stuffing box for precision casting, valve casting flange integral body, the material can be selected according to user needs 304, 316, 316L, WCB, and 2Crl3, seals made of PTFE reinforced PTFE material, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-stick residues.

3, the valve plate, 5 anchor, make the valve plate has very good since. When the valve is closed, and when subjected to pressure, valve plate does not shift.

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