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Characteristics and application of CPVC plastic ball valve
Nov 24, 2016

CPVC plastic ball valve with a lot of people are not familiar with, but you might have seen in life. Is generally used in the transport of corrosive substances on the pipeline during part of the closure. CPVC plastic ball valve ball valve function is in the pipeline closure. General delivery is toxic and harmful substances or corrosive substances, plastic ball valves are often used in many factories and other industries. Because the plastic itself has some corrosion characteristics, so the plastic ball valve to the conveyor when the liquid can be said to be "invulnerable", refers to its corrosion resistance, very good. Metal ball valves before and also has good sealing effect at first, but as the very trouble over a long time, twisted well know I can't use it at all, and also brings a great deal of trouble in maintenance. But emergence of CPVC plastic ball valve is not the same, and very widely used. CPVC plastic ball valve according to the different material, under different temperatures. Has very good corrosion resistance, used for a long time. And rotation is flexible and very easy to use. Compared to other types of valves, the resistance of the plastic ball valve, is the one of least resistance all ball valves. Plastic ball valve light weight, corrosion resistance, good, because the light, better installation, look beautiful and compact structure, wear resistance, good removal, so the range of application is very wide.